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Don’t get Scammed – Use Official Citizenship and Immigration Resources

When it comes to immigration matters, many of us are clueless at what it is that we need to do and what it is that immigration really wants. Some of us end up getting scammed from people that offer to help us and instead take advantage of the lack of knowledge we may know. There are websites that pretend to offer the forms required but charge before even allowing you to download, print, or even view this form. This is frustrating because it leaves people paying thousands for a false service.

One thing you need to have in mind, the ONLY website anyone should really be getting this type of forms from, should be (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). This website allows you to download forms, and get a better idea of what it is required to do before applying. One thing that you should always keep in mind is the US is trying to protect their country, so to them this is a matter that is important, who gets allowed in and who doesn’t depend on the way you present yourself to them as well as the evidence that you submit to prove you qualify for the chance, and only after doing everything the way that THEY want you to do it, will be the only time you may get accepted.

If you have a family member that’s a citizen or a resident they can help. A citizen of the United States has a faster and better chance to fixing your status over a resident. Parents take the priority when fixing for a child. Then it would be a sibling or child older than 21. Many of us really can’t count on family, but the US offers to give refugee to those who may not be able to return to their native land mainly because of violence or a major threat they face there; If you need a certain type of medical treatment that is only offered in the US; If you’re sick and someone from your native land has the knowledge to help you, they may come to the US. Although a bit more difficult and rare to fix this way, it also holds a possibility.

If you want to study a career in a school located in the United States, you may also qualify for this. But to those who have already been here since childhood, a special group whom call themselves the *Dreamers, they have an opportunity to fix a temporarily status through a method called Deferred action.      (For more ways and possibilities you may visit the website for better details.)

Now, ok you guys get it, there are many opportunities, but how do we file?

First you go to the website, once there you go to the tab under Forms. Once you know what way you will be applying, you find the proper form such as I130 Petition for Alien Relative, and it also includes the price you have to pay when you file in that way. You click on the form, and it will guide you to a quick review of the purpose of the form, and if any other forms need to be included, as well as offering you a guide that will help you to know the precise and correct way to do this form and what kind of evidence they require to allow you to prove you qualify. You print out this form/s, fill it out only with black ink neatly written and attach copies of any evidence they may request. This could be your birth certificate, income tax from previous years, bank statements, etc. as prove of your presence that you have been residing in the US, this documents should include your name. When sending the evidence, it is important to send copies and keep your originals for USCIS does not become responsible if for any reason those documents get lost or stolen in the process. They will also not return any originals you might had sent.

Another way to have this worry set aside is to scan them, and save them for you to have an easier access to them if they are ever to be damaged. offers this to you. It includes a mobile app that can let you access anything you need right when you need it. So if for example you want to have a copy of what you sent out, but not have all the papers to their own faith and risking misplacing them or worst, you can access them anytime needed from any computer and print them out. Remember, a copy never replaces the originals, but it does allow you to have the proper information if you are ever to try to regain them.

So now, you have completed the application, included copies of your documents (any document in a different language must indeed be translated by someone certified to the English language), and have everything together, you must include a Money Order of the form fee pointed out on the website, written to U.S. Department of Homeland Security because remember there is a fee, but it DOES NOT get paid through a phone or online. Next, on the same website they offer you the chance to find the location near you. You mail out everything together and in order, have it tracked it possible, and wait for their response. They will assign you two numbers, your Receipt and Alien numbers; this can allow you to track your status in that same website. They will send you notifications on what needs to be done next, if you have to send more evidence and how long you have to go to do this. Now you have saved in attorney fees, and possible online scams.


Before anything I just want to include a few words of advice. If for any reason you have a criminal record this does not mean that you won’t be able to still qualify, but if this is the case you are strongly advised to get the help of a qualifying expert. Because this is a serious matter, this is what your future holds, and one mistake is too unfortunate to lose the opportunity, it is best to play it safe. If for any reason you don’t follow what you are asked to and get denied, the fee you paid those not get returned to you.

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