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RTD Transportation

Now many people use public transportation to get to their destinations. But how secure are people that chose to do this? With many accidents as for example the incident that occurred with the FedEx truck and a school bus causing 5 adults and 5 students to die how secure can we be in the hands of another driver. This is not to get you scared but instead to let you think this a little further through. I talked to a few actual RTD bus drivers to get a little more information on their transportation goals and methods.
In Stockton, California the bus company RTD (San Joaquin Regional Transit District) is created to serve an area population of 2.8 million. They serve from 40 municipalities in 6 different countries as well as 2 city county jurisdictions. Their service area is of around 2,340 square miles and their weekday regular fixed routes are scheduled to 118,385 miles creating their annual regular fixed-route miles to reach up to 45,246,715. There are a total of 9,509 stops around Stockton and other cities such as Lathrop, Tracy, Lodi, and many others that have connected to help people commute creating a total of 138 fixed routes.
From one of these drivers disclosed that it takes an average of 1 hour for the commuter to drive from Stockton to San Jose but in those days that traffic is so horrible it takes up to 3 hours of drive time to arrive at their route destination. If you are just going to a closer city from Stockton it could take from 25 minutes to an hour depending on the distance of your city of course.
But how exactly does this make me feel safe? RTD drivers get paid in house training programs; they get professional training and education allowances. They receive Medical, dental, and vision plan coverage choices and offer them an excellent retirement pension plan as well as getting offered fitness and wellness centers. This is excellent because a good trained driver that is happy with their benefits will be a better driver than one that is upset. While they receive their training RTD is aware that each individual learns to their own routine schedule and not everyone will learn in the same matter. RTD is especially good on this because they are willing to give/pay for one on one training in till every driver has the knowledge to get them through any situation.
Every driver must have at least 10 years of clean driving experience, they must undergo through a background check for signs of violent or criminal history and absolutely no unpaid traffic fines. The DMV goes to inspect each driver every certain amount of months and the busses are constantly inspected before taking off to each route.
From my own experience every driver is polite and willing to help you if you don’t know what route to take and greet you with a smile. This is from a driver that I meet while riding one of the routes. “I know my job so well and take pride on taking people to places. Sometimes on my days off I don’t realize and give someone else a ride while driving through the routes to see if any other passengers need to be picked up till I realize that I am driving my own car. ”
From my experience it is nice to not have to drive and the drivers drive cautiously without letting anything distract them from their work.

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